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About Us

'' Our aim to be the best cleanroom validation company is reflected in the standard of our work and in the safe and efficient way we carry out this work. Between the two directors, Ger and Johnny, there are 40 years of technical experience all rolled up into one Cleanzone Technology Company.

Clean Room Validation & H Vac Maintenance

We carry out Commissioning, Maintenance and Validation of Cleanrooms, Sampling Booths,Lafs, Down Flow Booths, Isolators and Drum Booths, Supply & Exhaust Inline Hepa Filters and Fume Hoods.
We also carry out Qulity Tests on Compressed Air & Nitrogen Gas.
Leak find on Compressed Air Lines and other Sealed Systems.
We provide Permanent Maintenance Personnel on a Contract Basis.

Cleanzone Technology Ltd has successfully achieved the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification for the following activities:

Cleanroom and Equipment Validation,
HVAC Maintenance,
Compressed Air,
Breathing Air
Nitrogen Gas Testing.