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Dungarvan Shellfish


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''The Harty family’s prime dairy land adjoins Dungarvan Bay. The family has lived and worked here for over six generations since 1835, farming the land in a sustainable way (before it ever became fashionable!). This has helped to ensure a beautifully pristine and healthy bay (which is an S.P.A. area – Special Protected Area).

Indeed, the overall health of our bio-diverse ecosystem has been our family’s raison d’etre for generations. Sustainable oyster farming was a core family belief and a natural progression on our voyage to create the perfect Irish ‘speciale’ oyster.

We have always tried to protect and nurture the varied species of wildlife and birds to be found in the locality and will always do so, as we believe it is of utmost importance (to us and future generations) to work in harmony with nature.

Dungarvan Bay has a huge wetlands area harbouring over 50 species of birds and plentiful other wildlife which benefits all who are lucky enough to live and work here.''