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About Us

Lilypod is a small family run online store. Deep in the countryside of West Co Waterford we have a noisy, busy, fun home with 3 fur babies and 3 human babies.

The name Lilypod comes from a nickname my two boys came up with for their baby sister Lily who joined us at the end of May 2021. Although she is our 3rd baby, in almost as many years, making life seem a bit chaotic at times Lily has an amazing calm that surrounds her, it is captivating and has infected the rest of us in the most positive way.

The calmness that Lily instilled in me made me want to share the feeling with others. To help people feel calm, happy and relaxed and to put a smile on people?s faces.

When I take a deep breath and think about calm, rest and relaxation I think of long, luxurious baths filled with relaxing bath salts or bath bombs, a candle or wax melt burning on a winters evening while I'm curled up reading a book. Fresh spring scents filling a room, bringing my mind to the beauty of nature.

When I started to look at different brands there were values that stood out immediately, I choose to source smaller home grown businesses to work with. Ones whose products are handmade, using natural, organic ingredients and produce eco friendly products with a focus on sustainability. Many of the brands I work with are not on Amazon, they are women owned and handmade in small batches.
The products we sell are individual and unique.

I really hope you enjoy these products as much as I do, feedback is always welcome.
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