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'' The Power Group offers an extensive range of products as well as the capability to design and manufacture customised products to individual client specifications.

Power Engineering was established in 1982 specialising in the design and manufacture of electrical switchgear and associated control systems for industrial and commercial applications. With over 30 years’ experience in high and low-voltage electrical engineering, distribution and maintenance, Power Engineering’s team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of electrical control systems.

Power Engineering also provides an extensive range of energy and automation-related services, ranging from S.C.A.D.A. system implementation, to vibration diagnostics and corrective maintenance. In addition, Power Engineering’s specialist engineers and technicians are available on a contract basis. Power Engineering also provide Wind and Solar energy solution.

To enhance the expertise of Power Engineering, Powerflow Electronics was established to provide the services of a world-class electronics design and manufacturing company. Powerflow Electronics has almost two decades’ experience in the design, development and manufacture of electronic control and automation equipment. As well as offering its own extensive portfolio of products, Powerflow also offers its clients the capability of designing and manufacturing products to their specification.

The two companies combined as the Power Group can provide complete turn-key solutions, from electrical switchgear to electronic control and automation. For more information, contact us or visit our website.''