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Biowave Technologies


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About Us

What We Do
We have developed an advanced technology for the pre-treatment of organic wastes for anaerobic digestion. Biowave™ uses microwaves to unlock the energy potential of difficult to treat wastes.

The rapid, thermal treatment improves hydrolysis and the break down of recalcitrant compounds such as long chain fatty acids (LCFAs) and extracellular polymeric substances (EPS). Pre-treatment with Biowave™ improves the methane yield and hydraulic retention time in AD and turns a waste stream into a feedstock resource for renewable energy generation. Benefits are also seen in improved viscosity of the feedstock and solubilisation of solids.

We use our expertise in science and engineering to develop a flexible, energy-efficient, microwave solution for recalcitrant organic waste streams.

Our Solutions
Pre-treat organic waste for downstream processes
Get the most out of anaerobic digestion (AD)
Solubilise difficult-to-treat waste streams
Unlock untapped energy potential