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E Project Chartered Architects Ltd


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About Us

'' The E-Project was formed in 2000 by Sabine Wittman and from its inception had a focus on sustainable architectural design. This philosophy was put into practice in the Companys own offices which, as part of a redevelopment of a listed Townhouse, incorporated the first solar panel powered heating system in the Town of Dungarvan.

The E in the E-Project Chartered Architects name references the Practices Environmental credentials and its overarching approach to all of its commissioned works for an architectural sustainable design solution.

The Practice approaches each project in a systematic way, without preconceptions of a design or stylistic response, to ensure that all of the key design drivers- brief, site selection, orientation, context, constraints and opportunities etc. – are given equal consideration at the outset.

E-Project Chartered Architects has, in common with all Architectural Practices, expanded and contracted over the past 11 years to reflect the demands and activity of the Construction Industry.