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Manufacturing & Production

About Us

For Health. With Humanity.

We are a world-leading company 100% focussed on everyday health. Our leading brands are built on science, innovation and human understanding and are trusted by millions of consumers globally.

We exist to deliver better everyday health with humanity. Every improvement we make can have a positive impact on people’s everyday health. As explained in our Code of Conduct, this is why we show up, every day, to always do the right thing. With a restless energy to go beyond. To do what matters most. And to keep it human.

Oral Health
We are one of the world's largest providers of specialist oral health. With a broad range of science-based products, such as Sensodyne, parodontax and Polident, our goal is to make the world's mouths healthier.

Our portfolio of leading brands in cold and flu, nasal decongestant and allergy helps people worldwide with a range of respiratory issues. Whether using Otrivin to clear a blocked nose or Theraflu to fight multiple cold and flu symptoms like fever, nasal congestion and cough, our respiratory products use cutting-edge science to help people breathe more easily.

Pain relief
With a portfolio of products to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, our range brings comfort and ease to millions. World-leading brands such as Panadol, Voltaren and Advil help people manage their symptoms so they can enjoy life to the full.

Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements
We have a category leading portfolio of brands to improve everyday health and wellness.Cenntrum, a multivitamin and mineral brand, is available in more than 70 markets. We also have leading brands within the category in areas like calcium supplements through our Caltrate brand and vitamin C supplements through Emergen-C.

Digestive Health & more
We have a portfolio of trusted, market leading digestive health brands, including Eno and Tums, with a strong heritage in treating heartburn, acid indigestion and gastric discomfort.

Haleon's facility in Dungarvan has been existence for over 30 years and employs 750 people. It is a global supply site having 70 markets throughout the world supplying bulk granulate and tablets for localised packing in other regions and also supplying finished packs to Middle East and Europe.