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Legacy Irish Cider


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About Us

''When a Local Cider maker decided to put three Generations of heritage and history into a cider; Legacy Irish Cider was born.

Legacy Irish Cider is a range of natural crisp ciders fermented using natural wild yeasts from local handpicked apples.

Our Medium Dry Cider is the Original Legacy Cider. It is a little dry and has a lovely balance between sweet and Dry. It starts off a little sweet, has a green apple sharp note and finished with a lingering dryness. A great cider with fish or white meat.

Our new addition to the Legacy Cider Family is our Medium Cider. This is a completely different cider; a ripe red apple sweetness, rich caramel notes, subtle tannins on the mid palate and a soft dry finish to balance. This is a cider drinker’s cider, a great thirst quencher! Easy drinking, great flavour profile and a natural apple aroma.

Our Ciders are naturally gluten free and vegan friendly.''