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Shannon Eastman - Mind|Body Approach to Business Growth



About Us

I work with professional individuals that can relate to the term: ''Highly Successful or Highly Functioning, Secretly in Despair''.
They are stuck and it isn't new. I am a Consultant, Advisor, Trainer, Researcher and Coach in the area of a Mind|Body Approach to Business Growth. I have authored a series of Mental Health x Business Books, I host the TraumaInformedGrowth podcast and I run a business lab 6-months out of the year. From July-Nov, you can drop in for a 3Hr business clinic, a 2Hr Purpose & Meaning workshop, or a 4-week Captured Clarity program, in person- at my offices at D.E.C.

A 45-Minute Synergy meet is the first step to ensure we are in fact a good fit.