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About Us

''The Wine Buff started as a single wine shop and has grown and sprouted into a nationwide team, in 2014 we opened in the wine capital of the world, in the historic center of St Emilion where you will get to meet Paddy O' Flynn at The Wine Buff St Emilion.

This means we only source wines from growers who practice good viticulture, integrated farming and traditional wine making methods. Whilst the quality of our wine is our main focus, many of our wines are (or in the process of changing) to organic or bio-dynamic viticulture.

We believe in growers that are able to transfer a sense of place to their wines and in the process are adding life to their soil and vineyard environments to sustain future generations.

The Dungarvan shop is located in the centre of the town adjacent to the main square. There is car parking available directly outside the shop. The shop is open 6 days a week.''