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Hi I am Jennifer Davy and I am the founder of Warrior Wellbeing- Life coach with neuroscience dedicated to empowering women. My approach is a blend of my lived experience as a wife and mother who battled with posh natal depression, my 14 years as a secondary school teacher and my training as a life coach with neuroscience.

I combine my lived experience with neuroscience techniques to create long term results.

My approach to my coaching is very person-centered, no fluff, solution focused and results driven.

Neuroscience life coaching is an approach that combines principles from neuroscience with life coaching techniques to help people better understand their thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and overall wellbeing.

It integrates scientific knowledge about the brain and how these relate to my clients personal growth.

I help women with their Neuroplasticity Behavioural Patterns: Goal Setting and Motivation Improved Cognitive Abilities.

About the founder:

I help women create healthy boundaries in their relationships, in their workplace and within themselves... so they can say No to the things that overwhelm them and Yes to the things that light them up. I started Wellbeing Warrior because I was seeing women who had a strong intuition but didn’t have the confidence to listen to it because they were crippled with self doubt.
All I could find was self help books and self care journals, so I decided that women deserved a better solution for their lack of self belief.
And Wellbeing Warrior was born.