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The Office Organiser is designed to help small businesses who love what they do, but find it hard to deal with the administration that comes with running your own business.

When the paperwork is getting overwhelming and you know don?t have the time to tackle it; The Office Organiser can help and offer advice to help get you back on the right track. Services include but are not limited to ?

· Help to clear a backlog of paperwork built up over time

· Designing and setting up a filing system specifically tailored to your needs

· Tips and training on how to stay on top of your paperwork

· Regular help with bookkeeping and/or payroll if required

· Setting up Excel spreadsheet designed to help you manage your business

· Individual training in Excel

If you realise you need help with your office work, whether it?s a few hours or a few days, give The Office Organiser a call.

The Office Organiser is ideal for local small businesses who need a little help in the office occasionally but do not want to hire a new employee. The Office Organiser is a business operated by Madeline Burke who says ? Many people set up a business they are passionate about and are very good at but do not have the skills to manage their paperwork efficiently. Sometimes all that is needed is a little bit of organisation and some training to give business owners the tools to manage this side of their business.?

Following her primary degree in Applied Maths, Madeline worked for many years for big business and the manufacturing industry as a systems analyst, basically as a problem solver. Taking a situation that either needs to be fixed or made more efficient and making it better by changing processes or introducing IT solutions.

Following a move to the US, Madeline and her husband developed one small business into four successful businesses with over 40 employees. There Madeline was solely responsible for all the office administration, bookkeeping, payroll, taxes etc. Madeline also has qualifications in project management and training.